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  • Vincent Vanhoucke

    Vincent Vanhoucke

    I am a Distinguished Scientist at Google, working on Machine Learning and Robotics.

  • Pierre Gutierrez

    Pierre Gutierrez

    Previously Data Scientist @dataiku, now Machine Learning Researcher at @ScortexIO.

  • Michał Oleszak

    Michał Oleszak

    ML Engineer @ Tooploox, Data Science Instructor @ DataCamp, michaloleszak.com, Book 1:1 @ hiretheauthor.com/michal

  • Benoît Liessens

    Benoît Liessens

    The next closest step forward

  • Bart Waterlot

    Bart Waterlot

  • Dieter Jordens

    Dieter Jordens

    Writes about Craftsmanship | Machine Learning | Software Development. Read more on https://www.dieterjordens.com/

  • Kris Peeters

    Kris Peeters

    Data geek at heart. Founder and CEO of Data Minded.

  • Ketan Doshi

    Ketan Doshi

    Machine Learning and Big Data

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